5 Effective Tips to Produce and Manage Your Content

Being able to produce good content is difficult, yet essential to any branding strategy. I’ve learned a lot over the years after having my own publication with writers all over the country, and as branding manager for a big corporation that didn’t know what a blog really was prior to me being hired. These are 5 essential tips for prodcing and managing content I learned the hard way.

  1. Have an attractive website. When you ask someone if they would rather drive a Ferrari or a Beatle, most would choose the former. Why is that? Because it looks better, sounds nicer, attention to detail has been done, and it obviously give the user a better experience. In today’s internet, it isn’t very difficult to setup a decent blog. In fact, it’s really easy. I recommend going to Themeforest.com to find the best looking blog themes, pick one you like, then set up a WordPress account to run it. There are plenty tutorials on YouTube if you need more help.
  2. Find writers who already write. Don’t waste your time getting your sister’s friend, your friends, or anyone you think could probably write good content. Go to websites that already have good content and contact their writers to see if they’d like to contribute to your site. If you can throw them some money, it will make it easier.
  3. Plant many seeds. Once you find you have a couple people who confirm they will write for you, continue to contact writers. Most will never end up doing it, so the more you are in contact with, the better.
  4. Contact directly and personally. The worst thing you can do is mass email people and expect them all to reply. Unless you make each contact personal, they will never take action or even care about what you say.
  5. Follow up. Once you have committed people and you contact them personally, make sure you follow up and stay on them about their work. People are busy, so if you are always talking about it or giving them ideas, it will help them get around to it more quickly. If you expect them to get around to it, it won’t ever happen.

Running a blog/content is not easy. It takes consistent effort. So if you plan on doing this, make sure you pace yourself and truly have a passion for it. It will get easier with practice.