How Dude Perfect Makes Great Content

Dude Perfect is a brand that has dominated a niche and captivated millions of people. Pure entertainment that utilizes today’s tools to distribute its content. It makes for a great case study — not only to see how Dude Perfect built a successful business model, but to see how brands are sponsoring Dude Perfect and investing in new models of content marketing advertising.

So how does Dude Perfect do this so well, and how did they get started? In the video below, I break down my observations that you can apply to your content marketing strategy.

In summary, you must have the following:

Emotion: People are emotional beings and no matter how logical we’d like to think we are, emotions play a huge role in how we make our decisions.

Engagement: when your audience takes part in the conversation, they feel ownership and build a connection with the brand.

Curiosity: Creating curiosity frames it so the consumer of content LOOKS for you.

Thought: Making the audience think about your product.

Conversation: Having people talk about what you say is crucial. Think about a product you’ve recently talked about and get ideas for your situation.

Entertainment: Why does your content have to be boring? Invest a little more time and try to make it as entertaining as possible.

“Non” Mainstream: Think outside the box. Not using cliche statements or strategies people have already seen a million times before.