3 Techniques to Make Your Facebook Post Drastically More Engaged

A client of mine recently asked if the image used below would be a cheesy attempt to gain engagement in social media. The short answer is no. My full response broke down why this could be a huge engagement driver if done right and explains three things to consider when using this strategy.

content marketing tagging strategies

The photo my client noticed that sparked the question.

Asking your followers to tag their friends can be very effective:

While these posts can result in more engagement and free exposure, it could also be done wrong and have a negative effect. What if the post annoys my audience? What if my audience doesn’t engage and tag anyone? Will they respond well? How do I word it well?

Aside from knowing not everyone is going to like what you post and doing things with only your core audience in mind, here are things to consider and think about when implementing this strategy:

The variables you need to make sure you think through are 1) tone 2) brand and 3) the value provided through the message.

Establishing Tone:

The tone has to be communicated with the picture and font — if the tone matches the tag, it will be more effective. What does your audience respond to? In the picture you send me there is bold lettering and a rock background that gives it a “tone” the audience might relate to? I’m not sure what that station is but I assume it’s not classical.

Brand Consistency

The brand should already have people interacting organically before these sort of tactics are used. These posts help but can’t be overdone. I initially was going to say luxury brands would appear cheesy which this type of strategy, but I think if the tone is right, it could work effectively for any brand.

Providing Value

Lastly and most important, the value — in a social post you can provide value in many ways. It can be informational value: giving them information that they wanted/needed to know, or Social value: In this example tagging leads to connecting with an old friend. Another type of social value is the status you might get when tagging someone made you appear cool/successful/tough/smart etc. If I tag the toughest person I know for example, I will build a social connection and make someone else happy who got tagged and they would subconsciously associate that moment of happiness with the brand in the image.

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