How To Build Your Million Dollar Idea Muscle

Conceiving a business idea — or more accurately stated — recognizing an opportunity, is a fundamental stage to any new business. It’s the vision someone aspires to bring to reality. It’s what provides excitement and enough courage to take incredible risk. It’s the beginning of a journey that could lead to wealth, and will lead to inevitable hardships. Creating valuable ideas is a skill that needs to be sharpened with practice, and more importantly, action. Learn to love this skill, because it’s a daily task for any CEO or entrepreneur.

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One of the Scariest Things in the World for Entrepreneurs

I recently read an article by Groove’s CEO, Alex Turnbull. It resonated with me because it explained one of the scariest things for entrepreneurs – uncertainty. Insecurities can really affect an entrepreneur’s self belief which is devastating and something that’s frequently challenged with this lifestyle. His article explains a solution to uncertainty that is simple and efficient, but difficult to maintain. Here’s what he said:

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Why Business is NOT a Video Game

Today I was researching for my current startup and came across a great tutorial on a program that I’m considering using. While looking into it I though, “Wow, why don’t I just reach out to the guy doing the tutorial and see what happens.”

I then began to break this situation down a little further with a little more of a mathematical outlook. My investment in researching the person online and making a compelling email would cost 15-20 minutes of my time and has the potential payout to land me a great mentor or even partner. More realistically, I will probably end up with his feedback/advise on my business, and a new contact — bu that’s still a great outcome! This led me to an even larger realization I relate back to video games.

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